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Legal Malpractice After Worker’s Compensation Case

by Dixon Law Office

When a lawyer makes a serious mistake during a case, it is called legal malpractice.  One example of a legal malpractice is where a lawyer misses a deadline but almost any type of mistake can be legal malpractice.  It can occur in any type of case, even Worker’s Compensation cases.

Not every mistake is legal legal malpracticemalpractice or worth pursuing.  Often a mistake causes no harm to the client and so it is not considered worth bringing a legal malpractice for the claim.  Other times, the harm is so small (for example the mistake caused a delay), it makes no sense to pursue the claim.

Regardless of the result, if you believe your case has suffered from legal malpractice, you need to speak with a different lawyer.  At Dixon Law Office, we have pursued legal malpractice cases for decades.  Whether the malpractice occurred as a result of a Worker’s Compensation case, auto accident, or medical malpractice, our attorneys have the experience to review your case and determine what happened and if you have a valid case.

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