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Sanitation Worker Injuries Series Part 5 Dangers at Sanitation Garages

by Dixon Law Office

We continue our Sanitation Worker Injuries Series, which is looking at the refuse and recyclable collection industry and the major risk factors and most common injuries sustained by workers in this industry, with a discussion of dangers at sanitation garages.

Dangers at Sanitation Garages – While cleanup and collection crews face many risks of injuries when they are out on the job collecting refuse and recyclables, they also are at risk of injuries in the sanitation facility or garage. Sanitation garages often are not maintained in safe conditions, which can cause injuries. Oil and other substances may collect on facility floors, which can lead to injuries if a worker slips on the oil. In other cases, floors may need to be repaired and the company may be negligent in fixing and properly maintaining the facility. Refuse facility owners have a responsibility to keep the facility safe for workers and to protect them from injury.

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