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Sanitation Worker Injuries Series Part 6 Physical Strain

by Dixon Law Office

We wrap up our series on Sanitation Worker Injuries, which focuses on the refuse and recyclable collection industry and the major risk factors and most common injuries sustained by workers in this industry, with a discussion of the physical strain on refuse collector’s bodies.

Physical strain on the body – Working in the refuse and recycling collection industry is one of the most physically challenging jobs. In some cities, trash pickup crews run an average of 20 miles a day behind moving refuse trucks. Common injuries include fractured feet, bruised knees and torn hands. Repeating awkward movements, such as jumping in and out of trucks and lifting heavy trash cans, can cause back strain, hernias, and ankle sprains. Some workers suffer from stomach problems, allergies, infections and respiratory problems from exposure to chemicals and hazardous waste. Research shows refuse workers are two times more likely to suffer lost workdays than the average service sector worker. It is no surprise that the number of workers’ compensation cases filed by sanitation workers is approximately 7 times that of the general workforce.

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