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Security Guard Causes Injuries

by Dixon Law Office

bodyworn-794099_960_720Security guards are supposed to be professionals.  They are supposed to be trained and experienced.  They are supposed to know how to do their job.  They are supposed to keep you safe.  You rely on them to protect you from harm, not cause it.

Unfortunately, sometimes security guards are not safe.  Sometimes they do not do their jobs well.  Sometimes the way they do their job is just dangerous.  As a recent report documented, sometimes the security guard causes injuries.

If you have been hurt at the hands of a security guard, you need a lawyer who has experience in holding wrongdoers responsible.  At Dixon Law Office, our team has incredible experience in personal injury, wrongful death and Worker’s Compensation cases, including negligent security cases.  Our founder, G. Grant Dixon III, pursued the Hyatt hotel chain more than 20 years ago for not providing proper security.  He and his team can bring that experience to your case too.

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