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What is Worker’s Compensation?

by Dixon Law Office

Some of the legal terms encountered in personal injury cases can be confusing, unusual or misunderstood. In today's post, we discuss worker’s compensation.

If you are injured at work, while doing your job, you may have a worker’s compensation claim.  For example, if you’re on a loading dock and hit by a forklift, you have a worker’s compensation claim.  If your coworker accidentally bumps into you and knocks you down causing injuries, you likely have a worker’s compensation claim.  If you are in a car accident with another coworker at work, you have a worker’s compensation claim.

The rules for worker’s compensation claims are different than other cases.  The amount of compensation is generally less, often much less.  Compensation for time off work is almost never at your regular pay rate but a reduced one.  Your medical bills are usually paid for by your employer's worker’s compensation insurance, not your health insurance.  Often, you get no compensation for pain and suffering.

One thing about worker’s compensation cases is important to remember: in most States, worker’s compensation claims ONLY apply to injuries caused at work BY fellow workers.  If you are hurt at work because someone else caused the injury (not a coworker), you likely have a worker’s compensation claim AND a claim against the wrongdoer.

For this reason, it is very important to contact an outstanding lawyer who know the worker’s compensation system and personal injury claims.  Dixon Law Office is that law firm.  Our lawyers have years of experience in worker’s compensation claims and can get you the compensation you deserve for your worker’s compensation claim.  And if you have another claim, we can spot that and get you compensation for that claim too.

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